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Addiction and substance abuse training and education

In addition to providing a range of mental health, substance abuse, chemical dependency and life coaching services to individuals and families, Circle of Recovery also offers a variety of training and education courses to service providers and health professionals. We emphasise on best practice and helping you construct effective treatment strategies based on your client’s needs.

Basic substance abuse training (Atlanta)

Our substance abuse training program provides a range of necessary skills and techniques to deliver competent, quality-based substance abuse treatment and manage sessions to impacted individuals and families. We offer an advanced education and training course meeting all 8 Skills Group and 12 Core Function Requirements. This course is approved for those working towards an addiction counsellor certification.

Substance abuse counselling

Our 70-hour substance abuse counsellor course provides the student with an understanding of the pharmacology of drugs and the necessary counsellor skills to affect change in substance abusers. The short term client systems 43-hour block provides students with listening and responding skills based in empathy, values, attitudes and problem solving.

Assessment intake and treatment planning

Our 40-hour block provides the student with the skills and expertise needed to assess and diagnose care of an addicted person. The remaining 27 hours are focused on topics impacting the delivery of care, including professional ethics, cultural diversity, HIV/aids, clinical supervision and curriculum/course development.

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