Effective treatment and strategy training

Circle of Recovery specialises in providing quality treatment to individuals and families impacted by mental health, chemical dependency and substance abuse issues. We also offer a range of training and education programs for service providers and professionals in order to enhance the understanding and treatment strategies of mental health and substance abuse. Our goal is to continuously improve the standard of care and treatment offered to individuals and families, and ultimately across the United States.

For impacted individuals and families

At Circle of Recovery, we understand that talking about mental health concerns or substance abuse issues can be extremely daunting and overwhelming for individuals and families. Our team of professionals and consultants employ a non-confrontational and non-judgemental approach to providing effective health care solutions to help you improve your quality of life. Whether you’re dealing with a long-term addiction issue or are in need of some life coaching through a challenging time, our team of consultants will help you find effective solutions and strategies to combat your personal obstacles.

For service providers and professionals

Since our establishment in 1987, we’ve upheld high standards of education, training and course content for service providers and professionals in the mental health and substance abuse industries. To assist in meeting the needs of health care providers and professionals in a changing industry, we offer ongoing education and training to enhance the standard of treatment offered across the state. We provide training for human service workers, both public and private, throughout the state of Georgia that incorporates introductory and advanced topics in line with our philosophy, experience and scientific expertise.

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